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Only five days after a nasty breakup, bestselling Kindle Singles author Mishka Shubaly is invited to audition for a reality show—a dating reality show. Against all logic, he applies and, against all logic, he advances. Fearless and funny, Shubaly is forced to interrogate not just the reality of the show but also his decisions, his addictions, his neuroses, his desires– indeed, his entire reality.




Two-time bestselling Kindle Singles author Mishka Shubaly is back with a dark, intimate, fascinating story of love, hope and human connection… gone horribly, horribly awry.



After nearly twenty years of chasing oblivion, a fight in a bar reveals to a newly sober Mishka Shubaly that he is able to run long distances. Despite his best attempts to dodge enlightenment and personal growth, the irreverent young drunk and drug abuser learns to tame his self-destructive tendencies through ultrarunning. His outrageous sense of humor, however, rages unabated.



In the Year of the Shark, a chance encounter between a ne’er-do-well writer and a tropical storm left him marooned on the deserted end of a Caribbean island and charged with the rescue of his four shipmates. There, Mishka Shubaly learned some valuable life lessons — among them that in the absence of whiskey, wine and water, urine will get the job done.




New York-based singer-songwriter Mishka Shubaly writes as he lives – hard, by the seat of his pants, and without recourse. He lives as if today is his last, and writes songs that reflect this dirt-underneath-the-nails lifestyle. Fans relate to his drunken, bloody mess of a life – and art truly does imitate life here. Nothing proves Mishka Shubaly’s dark, but somehow upbeat style of gruff, muddy, rockin’ indie-folk with a dark twist – than his debut full-length, ‘How To Make A Bad Situation Worse’. Take a page out of Mishka Shubaly’s book and make a bad situation worse… for the better. Check it out!


Hardbitten, hungover analog indie blues that manage to laugh at despair. Compared to Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Modest Mouse, Leonard Cohen, Hasil Adkins and so on.
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"The Kindle Singles bestseller list has anointed new stars like Mishka Shubaly..." -
The New York Times"

"the gruff and rough-voiced Shubaly is a chronicler of mankind's darkest impulses and failures, a guy with a ticket to hell and back"
Time Out New York

"a beaming ray of jet-black sunshine"
The Village Voice

"Shubaly is earnestly obstinate, yet capable of change; a nihilist, and yet he seeks meaning; a walking contradiction and a joy to spend time with on paper."

“Don’t miss the track from singer/songwriter Mishka Shubaly..”
USA Today

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