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I have a ton of folks reaching out to me these days, which is totally great. Problem is that I have a limited number of hours in my day so, as much as I’d like to, I can’t write back to everyone, or at least not at the length I’d like to. So here are answers to a few questions I get asked frequently:

Q: How can I read your stuff if I don’t have a Kindle?

A: If you can get online, you can read it via Amazon’s free Kindle App on your tablet/ computer/ smartphone. Full instructions are here

Q: How can I get my book published?

A: The first step is to write it. The second step is to make it totally amazing. And I don’t know what the third step is because, as you may have noticed, I haven’t published a for-real book yet…

Q: Will you read my writing?

A: If we are friends in the real world, of course I will. But you probably won’t like my feedback. If I don’t know you then I probably won’t because I am lazy and have a hard enough time getting my own writing/ laundry done without taking on any additional stuff.

Q: Can I ask you a personal question about your sobriety/ my sobriety?

A: Yes. I will always write back on this subject.

Q: How can I quit drinking?

A: There are a million ways to stop drinking, most of which are helpful and none of which are foolproof. AA works for some people but it’s certainly not the only method. I can only say how I did. My life got so bad that the thing I wanted most in the world was to stop drinking. In my opinion, without that clarity, you will always fail. And when you want to stop that bad, almost any method will work.

Q: Fuck quitting drinking– how do I publish a Kindle Single?

A: Power to ya. Sobriety is not for everyone. Neither is publishing a Kindle Single. If you want to submit, here’s the link

Q: How can I succeed as a writer?

A: Never ever give up.

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