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Well, hello and thanks for stopping by. The purpose of this website is not just to display totally egregious “artist conceptions” of me as a grape-sucking centaur, but also to gather together the various cool/corny/ ridiculous things I’m doing these days. There are links to my best-selling Kindle Singles on Amazon.com. You can listen to my new demos and unreleased tracks on Soundcloud. You can buy my records “How To Make A Bad Situation Worse” and “Thanks For Letting Me Crash” (new record coming this year, I swear!) and also records by Freshkills, the band I play bass/ write music for, including the new record, Raise Up The Sheets. I’ll throw up some pictures from my runs, some pictures of my destroyed feet post-run and maybe even some pics of the cool vintage guitars I pick up in my travels. There’s links to my Facebook and Twitter and all other social networks we will collectively despise in six months or so. Take a look around, I am large and filled with many wonders. Well, the first part, anyway.



After receiving an expensive MFA in Fiction from Columbia University, Mishka Shubaly promptly realized he was more interested in playing music in dive bars than writing. He lived out of a Toyota minivan for a year, touring nonstop, and has shared the stage with artists like The Strokes, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Decemberists among others. “Bad Dreams,” a narrative published in NYPress about his romance with an opiate marked his return to writing.

His Kindle Singles for Amazon have all been bestsellers. He writes true stories about drink, drugs, disasters, desire, deception and their aftermath. His work has been praised for its grit, humor, fearlessness and heart. ‘The Long Run,’ his mini-memoir detailing his transformation from alcoholic drug abuser to sober ultrarunner is one of the best-selling Kindle Singles to date.

Mishka Shubaly lives in Brooklyn where he writes music and plays bass for Freshkills. He is at work on a new solo record of his original songs and a full-length memoir. He does not own a dog but he thinks about them often.

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"The Kindle Singles bestseller list has anointed new stars like Mishka Shubaly..." -
The New York Times"

"the gruff and rough-voiced Shubaly is a chronicler of mankind's darkest impulses and failures, a guy with a ticket to hell and back"
Time Out New York

"a beaming ray of jet-black sunshine"
The Village Voice

"Shubaly is earnestly obstinate, yet capable of change; a nihilist, and yet he seeks meaning; a walking contradiction and a joy to spend time with on paper."

“Don’t miss the track from singer/songwriter Mishka Shubaly..”
USA Today

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