a few words on depression

0 Comments 27 October 2017

Before I left Brooklyn, I went in to get my annual checkup I get every 8 years or so. The intake nurse asked me if I was on any medications. I told her the only thing I took was Advil and an anti-depressant. She raised an eyebrow and looked at me and said “Forgive me but a young, good-looking guy like you… what reason do you have to be sad?”
I said “If I came in here with a broken leg, would you have said ‘Young, good-looking guy like you… what reason do you have to have a broken leg?'”
She shut up and went back to filling out the dumb form.
I’m glad she said that to me and not to someone else who wasn’t feeling strong enough to give her shit back. But I’m grateful to that intake nurse because she gave me a great definition of depression: sadness without reason.

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