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No, they’re not all just home to spectacularly pale people, they’re also where I’m going to be for the next month. I haven’t been able to scramble too many dates together as I’ve been busy writing and I make a lousy publicist, but if you want me to read something somewhere (or drag me out for a run) this is where I’ll be:


July 7-9th: Toronto, Ontario.

July 10th: Tales of Whatever: The Castle, Oldham St., Northern Quarter, Manchester, England. (Isn’t this address ridiculous? The best thing about England– “yeah, just meet me at the Castle. If you’re in Manchester, you’ll find it). 8pm.

July 11th: Spoken Weird: The Sportsman Hotel, Crown Street, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England.

July 13th to 16th: kicking around London, trying not to write, trying to bump into Michael Caine. You know that if you say “Michael Caine” with a really horrible fake English accent, it sounds like you’re saying “my cocaine?” Try it. I swear it’s true.

July 16th to 24th: Ireland (County Kerry)

July 25th to 30th: Saskatchewan, Canada. Yes, it’s a real place.

July 31st: Ottawa, Ontario

Aug 1st & 2nd: a couple of live appearances in Montreal, Quebec. Details to come…

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