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jed collins, my pet genius

0 Comments 19 July 2012

I first met Jed in Athens, Ohio when I blacked out at his house. Like most of my favorite folks, we didn’t immediately hit it off. I thought he was just a weird bird of a guy. After a while, he ended up being one of the people I sought out when I went to Athens. I remember sharing a nice bottle of Cold Duck with Jed on the street one night after he had gotten kicked out of The Union.

Flash forward a coupla years. Jed moves to Queens and happens to be looking for a new place to live when the apartment below me opens up. So he and then his excellent girlfriend Marseilles move in downstairs. Turns out Jed is a pretty awesome cartoonist. Here’s a coupla images he illustrated for a comic version of Are You Lonesome Tonight? that we ended up abandoning. I hope to collaborate with him on a comic book version of one of my unpublished story if he ever gets his shit together. Jed, get your shit together! And get mine together while you’re at it…

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